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100w charger

100w chargers continue to be one of HomeKit Australia's fastest selling products.

Our 100w chargers are "smart" chargers, in that they deliver ONLY the amount of power being requested by your device.

This means your device will not be over-charged or have more power than optimal to battery life delivered by our 100w charger.

This charger uses GaN or Gallium Nitride technology rather than the older, cheaper silicon to power your devices.

Also these are true 100w chargers, in that you actually do get 100w power delivery when only a single of the two USB-C ports are used. Some chargers claim 100w but this is the sum total produced by all the ports, with single ports often not capable of more than 60w.

This 100w charger has dual USB-C ports plus two standard USB ports.

These 100w chargers are therefore suitable for any task including the powering of Thunderbolt docks or similar, right down to your mobile phone.

Remember, these chargers cannot over-power your devices like many chargers on the market might.

100w chargers are in stock and ship today from the HomeKit Australia online store.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.