100w charger

100w chargers have been reduced to $79.95 at the HomeKit Australia online store.

The 100w chargers are smart chargers and have a total of four charging ports.

Being a smart charger, this 100w charger handshakes with the various devices you might be charging and only supplies the exact amount of power being requested by your device.

Over charging or over-current simply is not an issue with our range of GaN chargers.

The 100w chargers have two USB-C ports and two traditional USB ports.

If you use just a single USB port the charger can output 100w to a single device. Using a combination of ports the charger will produce a combined 100w output power.

Many competing chargers are unable to produce a 100w charge on a single port.

This is the latest Gan (Gallium Nitride) charging technology that ensures a cooler, safer and faster charger for your devices.

100w chargers are in stock and can ship today.

100w charger | HomeKit Australia

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