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100w charger

100w chargers are on special today.

The 100w 4 port chargers are a part of today's Black Friday Sale that lasts through until Sunday night.

The 100w chargers feature 2 x USB-C and 2 x USB ports.

They utilise GaN or Gallium Nitride chip technology rather than the older silicon based chargers.

GaN chargers stay cooler and produce a faster and more consistent power output.

These 100w chargers are "smart" chargers and only ever deliver the exact power being requested by your device. This means you will never overcharge your device or deliver too much power that will degrade your battery.

The 100w chargers will charge at 100w from the top USB-C port or can charge a total of 100w at the same time if all ports are occupied.

100w chargers are normally a discounted $89.95 but this weekend can be purchased for $80.96.

The HomeKit Australia Sale concludes on Sunday night.

We have over 100 x 100w chargers in stock and all orders over the weekend will ship out on Monday.

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