MagSafe pricing for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 will not be subject to price increases until the end of this month.

HomeKit Australia holds significant MagSafe stock with often several hundred pieces of individual items held in stock.

However, as stock is converted to sales and requires stock replenishment, these prices will also begin to increase.

With price increases from our supplier factories now almost universal, today many of our HomeKit Australia products will increase in price.

Where we have existing stock we have held prices but otherwise we've been forced to increase prices this week by around 2-5%.

As we have good stocks of Thunderbolt and MFI cables, we have held their pricing firm.

Our purchase price of Solid State Drives has increased regularly over the past months.

SSD producers have been badly hit by the chip shortage and in order top secure NAND and controller chips they have had to pay higher prices.

Next Monday, HomeKit Australia will be forced to increase the price of all Solid State Drive product.

This week, HomeKit Australia newsletter subscribers have a 50% off discount code for our remaining stock of 65w "smart" chargers.

The 65w chargers have both USB and USB-C outlets.

HomeKit Australia subscribers have the advantage of receiving exclusive subscriber only offers.

Thunderbolt in Australia is in some ways still in its infancy.

Widely regarded as the world's premium connectivity interface, Thunderbolt has made significant impact in higher end markets in Australia so far.

These include studio professionals, database users, gamers and cryptominers.

Probably Australia's best value, Australian certified iPhone 13 charger is that stocked by HomeKit Australia for $8.95.

RCM/SAA certified, this USB charger is 10w, double that of the charger previously shipped in an iPhone box. Refusing to skimp on quality, our lowest priced charger is Australian certified RCM (formerly SAA).

Apple's MagSafe charging technology has spawned an inordinate number of accessories.

One of the most keenly sought of these are quality MagSafe car chargers.

As far as we know, only HomeKit Australia's MagSafe car charger was developed with testing and design to specifically cope with Australian roads (and off roads).