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500GB SSD external drive - $89.95
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HomeKit Australia's new NVMe PCIe SSD's (Solid State Drives) are high performance and high reliability storage devices.

Based on NAND Flash technology, all the SSD's are designed to solve the bottleneck of computing systems by traditional hard disk drives.
Headed into 2021 a major focus of the HomeKit Australia online store is on Thunderbolt and SSD technologies .... and as HomeKit Australia is about to begin shipping its own NVMe SSD's, we thought we would share some more about the superiority of NVMe SSD's and why we use and sell them.

Australia's cheapest 1TB NVMe SSD price?

We think so.

At just $127.95 HomeKit Australia aims to disrupt the Australian SSD market with what we consider as Australia's very best price on NVMe SSD's.

With the launch of the iPhone 13 this week, we've reduced our iPhone 12 MagSafe cases to clear.

Way below our cost, the iPhone 12 clear cases start at just $3.95.

Our iPhone 12 series cases feel great in the hand. The magnets are embedded inside the case to avoid long-term damage to the magnets. The magnets align perfectly with your iPhone 12.

We've added the highest output in-car charger we can find.

With a combined output of over 58w, our new car charger is outstanding value at just $16.95.

The dual port car charger features USB-C 36w output plus USB 22.5w output provide Apple PD3.0 plus QC3.0 for Android.

MagSafe car chargers have been one of HomeKit Australia's best selling items throughout 2021.

Road tested during development in Australia, these MagSafe car chargers aim to offer the best combination of rapid MagSafe charging and magnet strength over Australian roads.

Our Mag car charger for the iPhone 12 series is designed to hold your iPhone tightly.

SSD drives will be a core item at the HomeKit Australia online store heading into 2022.

Launching in late September, our own HomeKit Australia 1TB and 2TB SSD's feature Toshiba and Hynix Grade 1 NVMe SSD's respectively.

Around the same time as the launch and shipping of what we hope are Australia's best priced NVMe SSD's, HomeKit Australia will begin shipping a new range of both Thunderbolt and NVMe external SSD solutions.

We've had lots of great feedback about our premium quality Thunderbolt 4 cables.

"Great Cable for full Thunderbolt Speeds

This is a high quality well made Thunderbolt cable that provides high speed connectivity to my iMac and MacBook Pro. It is made to be durable and is excellent value."

2TB Thunderbolt SSD drives are a best selling Thunderbolt product at HomeKit Australia.

Thunderbolt SSD drives now use HomeKit Australia's own premium brand of NVMe SSD's to provide you with the "world's best" combination of SSD and Thunderbolt price and performance.

2TB Thunderbolt SSD drives are just $495.95 .... and if you do find a better price including Australian express delivery, we guarantee to beat the advertised price.

The constrained supply of various chips to manufacturers around the world is not abating.

Well known worldwide Thunderbolt supplier Orico and HomeKit Australia have Thunderbolt product made by the same manufacturer.

Sharing the same internals, Thunderbolt docking stations by Orico and HomeKit Australia are set to be highly constrained over many months after the two companies have placed orders for almost 70% of the world's supply of these chips.

Thunderbolt docking stations or Thunderbolt hubs by HomeKit Australia are unique in that you can buy or add up to 4GB of Thunderbolt NVMe SSD inside the Thunderbolt docking station.

Thunderbolt docking stations, Thunderbolt SSD drives and other Thunderbolt products are integral to HomeKit Australia's online store.

If you need to brush up on SSD terminology and SSD varieties you can read more about both SSD and Thunderbolt on our News Blog.

Solid State Drives or SSD's are about to launch at HomeKit Australia.

You will be able to buy online SSD's at Australia's best SSD pricing in the following varieties .... 500GB NVMe, 1TB NVMe, 2TB NVMe and 2TB SATA III.

All of these SSD's will carry the HomeKit Australia logo being made for us in a high-tech SSD and RAM manufacturing facility.

This week HomeKit Australia announced that it's new range of NVMe PCIe SSD (Solid State Drive) will be shipping this month.

Initially HomeKit Australia will be stocking 512GB, 1TB and 2TB PCIe NVMe SSD's plus 2TB 2.5" SATA III SSD's.

The 2.5" SSD's will be also available as a see-through external drive solution.

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What did they do, upgraded it as a proactive move to one I could use for free. Superb.

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