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USB-C hubs .... 50% off

We are rationalising our entire USB-C hub range so out they go, way below cost. Don't miss out - this offer won't be repeated.

6-in-1 USB-C hub - $17.48 after discount

In stock and ready to ship today.

6 port USB-C hub - $17.48
USB-C hubs 50% off | HomeKit Australia

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Our 30w iPad charger is priced at $19.95.

Like many HomeKit Australia products, AC chargers will soon be available via Amazon at the same prices they are available at HomeKit Australia.

This 30w charger is an ideal charger for either higher-spec Apple iPads, MacBooks, PC laptops or iPhones and Android phones.

Perth Cavoodle owners have been going mad for our detangle hair brush.

Cavoodle owners who have purchased a detangle hair brush for their gorgeous Cavalier Poodle crosses have shared their experiences with our hair brush and their pets online.

USB-C hubs are on sale at HomeKit Australia.

All USB-C hubs are 20% off this week.

We have a range of new hubs as requested by our customers, but it is now time to rationalise our USB-C hubs offerings.

Installing a white kitchen? Can't find a white induction cooktop? Tired of paying top dollar?

HomeKit Australia has pearl white induction cooktops in stock for under $650 and they ship Australia wide to home renovators, owner builders and renovators.

Our 100w chargers are one of HomeKit Australia's staple items.

The 100w chargers feature 4 x outlet ports, 2 x USB-C and 2 x USB. They will charge a combined 100w or will charge 100w directly from the top USB-C port.

So these 100w chargers are suitable as AC chargers for high powered Thunderbolt 4 or USB4 devices.

USB-C hubs are all 50% off at HomeKit Australia until the end of the month and while stocks last.

There's a range of USB-C hubs starting with our 6-in-1 USB-C hub that with a 50% discount becomes just $17.48.

Our favourite 5 port USB-C hub is just a little more but it features TWO USB-C out ports. We love these USB-C hubs.

Right now you can buy the cheapest 500GB NVMe SSD drive in Australia. HomeKit Australia has launched a 500GB NVMe SSD drive for $129.95.

545MB/second data transfer speeds with our new 500GB external NVMe m.2 SSD drive.

We use genuine Crucial 500GB NVMe SSD's in these drives.

There are thousands of Apple AirTags covers in stock at HomeKit Australia.

We would love to move more of these AirTags covers so we've made our highest stock items, below our landed cost at just $1.95.

You can buy Orange or Black AirTags covers with the Spanish Knot design or carabiner AirTags covers at this $1.95 price.

Delivery to the USA and Canada is now available from HomeKit Australia.

International buyers in the USA, Canada, UK, Singapore and New Zealand can all take advantage of the factory buying ability of HomeKit Australia. You can save hundreds on some purchases like our 1TB Thunderbolt SSD drive for under AUS$300.

In Australia it is difficult to find any white induction cooktops.

This is especially true for white induction cooktops that are the full size 900mm.

HomeKit Australia's white induction cooktop, not only is in stock and ready to ship, but it is available at only $649.95.

Building a new home? Renovating a bathroom? Owner builder? Wanting a classy, durable and timeless solution?

Why not build these high quality stainless steel recesses into your shower area wall?

Above all else, when we are looking for the highest level of hygiene in our lives, these marine grade stainless steel recesses totally deliver.

Thunderbolt SSD cases support all PCIe NVMe Solid State Disks.

This is presently the fastest SSD available and combined with Thunderbolt 4, an NVMe SSD will access the PCIe bus of the host device or computer.

This allows our Thunderbolt 4 case to provide up to 40Gbps data transfer to and from your computer or host.

HomeKit Australia now stocks multiple Thunderbolt SSD drives.

In addition to standard (but slower) SSD drives, HomeKit Australia now stocks Thunderbolt SSD cases, 1TB Thunderbolt SSD drives, 2TB Thunderbolt SSD drives as well as the pinnacle Thunderbolt Fire SSD drive.

Denton B Frankston Vic

The shipping was really fast, the customer service excellent and the product great.

Was I expecting this level of outcomer, well no because not often does a store exceed expectations but this one did. I also obtained a second product that I did not realise was unsuitable for my health.

What did they do, upgraded it as a proactive move to one I could use for free. Superb.

James M Boddington WA

Super fast delivery and great communication. I had a question about charging standards and it was answered in minutes!

Jeremy R Fairfield Qld

I was very happy with the product and service.

David G Tingalpa Qld

Good service and delivered on the day they indicated.

Graham R Ferndale WA

Top class service from Keith.

Greg S Camberwell Vic

Good experience with purchase.

Richard H Roseville NSW

Great service

Christina P Osborne Park WA

Happy with the service and goods provided.